Nothing makes my mouth water and stomach happier than the idea of brunch. I think it all really goes back to when Rachel and I first started dating. Every other weekend we would be kid free, so on Sunday mornings we’d go for a long run together. Then we’d go try out brunch at some new tasty joint in town.

Brunch at the hippest spots is really just a dream these days. Now with 3 girls, one who is just turning 3, makes it almost impossible to go have a nice relaxing brunch after a long Sunday morning run. But we do our best to recreate what we can right at home.

This dish is a perfect example. It’s my own spin on a breakfast chorizo dish I had once. Swapping in ground turkey for the Chorizo to reduce the fat, but keep the protein. Adding sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes to keep the fiber high, and get tons of vitamin A. Top it off with poached eggs, sliced avocado, jalapeno, and topped with cilantro. BOOM BABY! Now all it needs to recreate those old memories is a delicious morning cocktail and a shady terrace to enjoy the summer mornings!

~ Coach Anthony

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