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Giordono’s Health & Fitness is committed to providing online personal training and nutritional coaching.  We provide plans that work with ANY schedule and can be completed ANYWHERE.

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How Can We Help You
Reach Your Life & Fitness Goals?

Online Training
For Women

Ladies, join Rachel for weekly workouts, and accountability to find that Wonder Woman inside each of you.

Online Training
For Men

Men, discover your true potential in Anthony's TWA360 program. Train Better-Eat Cleaner-Live Happier

Performance Nutrition

Where Nutrition meets training. Take your workouts and results to another level w/ the personal attention & guidance of nutrition coaching

In Person

Get instant feedback, do custom workouts, and achieve accelerated results through Private and small group training

What People Are Saying

"I was always concerned if the money spent on fitness is a good return on investment, believing that simply jogging would keep me fit enough. After spending time with Rachel and Anthony, I was quickly convinced that working with a personal trainer was one of the best decisions I have ever made."
Dennis S.
"Rachel and Anthony are wonderfully supportive and make my workouts something to look forward to. Thanks, guys!"
Katie N.
"Rachel & Anthony are amazing trainers! Follow what they recommend and try some of their programs they offer and you'll be good to go!"
Kristen R.

Health & Nutrition Articles

Don’t say these 5 naughty words…

The 5 words that form the most dangerous sentence you can ever say… “That’s the way I am.“ Believe it or not, even if it seems positive…. it’s really not. The problem is this: Once you start telling yourself that you are a certain way, you’re closing your mind to the possibility that you CAN change. YOU CAN burn more fat

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February 2021 Newsletter

STOP COUNTING CALORIES TO START LOSING WEIGHT (CUE Self-Monologue) It’s Saturday night. The family is asleep. That was a great game and I’m still pretty hyped. A few beers will make you feel that way. Hey know what sounds like a great idea? Lets open another one and watch that AppleTV show your friend was

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December 2020 Newsletter

If your immune system is not top of your mind these days I’m going to ask you to STOP whatever it is you are doing, and please give me 6-10 minutes of your time. Your immune system is your primary defense to what you are currently facing. Cold and Flu season is here, and it’s

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There is nothing like the feeling of coming in from a cold day, and warming the body with a great bowl of soup. This Sweet Potato Curry gives you that exact feeling X 10! It was a crowd favorite even for our oldest daughter who doesn’t like meat much. It’s vegan approved, but you can

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Thanksgiving Isn’t a Free Day

Thanksgiving. It’s not a FREE DAY Over the years many clients ask about “Cheat days”. Especially this time of year. When I hear that phrase I always cringed. I absolutely hate it, and the idea associated with it. Don’t get me wrong I use to practice them regularly. It was like a Christmas gift, but

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