How to Best Protect your Health During a Pandemic

Let’s start with the hard truth.

You can’t fully control whether you catch a cold, the flu, or COVID-19.

You also can’t control how your body will react once it’s exposed to any virus.

There are many different factors that determine your body’s response. Some you can control, like nutrient deficiencies. Others you can’t do anything about, like your age.

But even among the factors you can influence, no single tweak or “hack” can control such a complex system. (Short of a proven vaccine or drug therapy.)

No magical supplement, superfood, diet plan, or exercise routine will ensure you stay healthy. 

There is good news, though: When it comes to your immune system, your daily actions will make a meaningful difference.

By consistently practicing healthy behaviors, you can:

  • reduce your exposure and susceptibility
  • help optimize your immune function over time
  • better prepare your body to fight off foreign invaders

Plus, focusing on constructive behaviors might help you feel just a little bit more in control. That could help ease the anxiety and stress that come with all the uncertainty.

Our suggestion: Prioritize the pillars, of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Eat mostly minimally-processed whole foods
  • Consume enough protein, veggies, and fruit
  • Consume an appropriate number of calories (to avoid or lose excess body fat)
  • Exercise or Move Daily
  • Get adequate sleep (6-8hrs.)
  • Manage stress
  • Reduce smoking and/or excessive alcohol consumption

With all this in mind, this immunity-focused infographic will give you a game plan for taking action.

Important Reminder: You do not need to do everything suggested in this infographic. 

For example eating protein at every meal is already hard enough on its own. Plus now your grocery store might be sold out of the kind you like. (You might also have less money for groceries than before.)

Just because you aren’t working 9-5 at the office doesn’t necessarily mean you have ample time to work out like you used to, since now you’re busy homeschooling or working double shifts.

Stress levels may be MUCH higher than before for some, while others it may just be difficult to get out of your pajamas daily.

So pick and choose the strategies that make the most sense and feel doable to you right now. You can always incorporate others later.

And remember: There’s nothing wrong with starting small. That’s where great progress often begins.

Download  this helpful infographic to follow and share

*Original work and intellectual property – Precision Nutrition*

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