Who doesn’t love pancakes?…..hmmmmmm

Exactly. No hands in the air! 

Because everyone loves a nice stack of pancakes. The aroma brings back senses of better days. When you had no worry about demolishing a short stack before running outside to play all day. Or maybe it was the big Charity Pancake Feeds where you could get endless pancakes. Those were the glorius yesterdays of a younger you. One who didn’t stress every calorie, macro, or lb they would have to shame themselves for later!

It’s time you find that inner peace and happiness of the YOU who loved their pancakes without guilt. It’s time to awaken the spirit of eating for joy, then playing for the fun. I got you!

I’ve been making these delicious #ProteinPancakes for over a decade. It’s one of those recipes that no matter how much time passes, it’ll never disappear. As new recipes smother my feed and inbox, the Protein pancakes always have a place at the top. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them just as much. 

Soft, filling, and delicious. 

I promise after a short-stack of these you won’t feel the need to unbuckle your belt. Instead you’ll be wanting to tie up them laces and get to work!


~ Coach Anthony

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