Hello, My name is Rachel Giordono

I am an ACE certified personal trainer and group exercise specialist. My days consist of helping my husband run our personal training business, and trying to keep track of our 3 amazing girls: Lila, Ruby, and Frankie May!!!

My passion for fitness and helping women reach their goals began about 20 years ago. My drive for what I do comes when I hear my clients say things like:

  • My doctor was so impressed by my strength during labor and delivery
  • I helped someone move and I lifted more than I ever imagined
  • I’m no longer breathless hiking with my family
  • My pain in my hips is completely gone

If I had to say, my ultimate goal is helping women build their confidence, improve their form, and remain injury free. All while progressively getting stronger.

I’ve always treated my clients like family because they are, and I strive to help them push past their own limitations. To become that badass they are meant to be!



I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: Avocados and my Flat Iron

FAVORITE HOBBY(S): Yoga, Reading, and Baking

Live Classes

Workout with me 4x per week

Demo Videos

2 New Strength workouts weekly


New Recipes and Eating Tips weekly


Accountability and Support


Every week get 4 "Live workouts" along with 2 Recorded Demo videos. With a mix of full body strength, and tummy toning Tabata. Rachel's all encompassing routines will not only have you feeling sweaty, but sexy and empowered to take on whatever the world throws at you.

Nutrition Coaching

See what Rachel, her husband, and the kids are cooking up with new recipes and meal ideas weekly. These aren't just boring, healthy, taste-less meals, but real food for real results in the real world. Whether you got picky kids, or a stubborn hubby/boyfriend that's always sabotaging your efforts. Rachel will give you meal strategies that'll get them eating healthier right along with you!

Monthly Challenges

Rachel just loves the idea of a challenge. That's why she likes to challenge the whole TWR community. Whether it's cutting out sugar, or working on those squats. You'll be challenged to be fitter, healthier, and better every day.

24 / 7 Accountability

Success doesn't come from signing up. Rachel expects you to work at it every day. Got a question? Not seeing the results you want? Stressing more than laughing? Rachel will motivate, inspire, and keep you accountable each and every day. All while making you smile again. 🙂

Get all of this for less than $1 per day!!!

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