Success Stories

I was always concerned if the money spent of fintess is a good return on investment, believing that simply jogging would keep me fit enough. After spending time with Rachel and Anthony, I was quickly convinced that working with a personal trainer was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Rachel and Anthony not only motivated me to exercise on a regular basis, they also made training and participating a half marathon absolutely joyful. I will be running a full marathon in 6 months and, of course, under the supervision of Rachel and Anthony.
Dennis S.
Rachel is an awesome trainer and inspiration to be fit. Through the 4 years that I have worked out with her, I have learned a lot about how far I can push myself.
Personally, I have been able to build more muscle, trim inches, lose wieght and go from a size 8 pant to a size 4. I feel better, I lhave learned to eat better, and I look better. I had always been active but not had the guidance to get to hwere I am today without Rachel's effervescent personal approach and knowledge. It is a life change for sure! Thanks Rachel!!
Debbie S.
Rachel and Anthony have been great to work with. I know I am working out so much harder and getting better results than when I was exercising on my own. I saw a change in how my clothes fit almost immediately! I feel stronger and healthier as a result of working out twice a week with them. Workouts are always fun, different and the time passes very quickly. I really appreciate their support and positive outlook. They are very professional and always have lots of great ideas for fitness and nutrition. It is fun when I read or hear about a new idea in fitness, and we have already been doing it in our workouts! Anthony and Rachel are great about introducing us to new concepts in training! Thaks to both of you, I am really enjoying my workout time!
Kristen E.
Rachel & Anthony are amazing trainers! Follow what they recommend and try some of their programs they offer and you'll be good to go!
Kristen R.
Rachel and Anthony are wonderfully supportive and make my workouts something to look forward to. Thanks, guys!
Katie N.
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