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Our premier coaching program is a 50-week all-inclusive nutrition & habit coaching program.  For 1 full year, you’ll have your COACH in your back pocket.  Helping you make better food choices consistently, educating you about your specific dietary needs, and helping you learn how you’ll never have to diet again by discovering your personal “EATING STYLE”!

Using the same practices and coaching methods that have helped over 100,000 individuals lose weight, gain confidence, and re-discover the joy in their life they once thought was lost forever.

The PN curriculum is used the world over. With business’ like Nike, Apple, and Equinox. To professional athletes like MMA legend Georges St-Pierre, Women’s tennis star Sloane Stevens, and many NFL-NHL and other professional teams.

This isn’t a quick hit program. It’s backed by the best research in nutrition science. Using a simplified approach that implements small changes over time that’ll lead to HUGE success in the end!

My program brings together the most relevant, and current science in the field of Nutrition, combined with the expanding field of neuroscience to rewire our brains, plus my systems of client centered coaching and accountability to deliver remarkable results.

 That is why I fully believe in the success you’ll have with my coaching, and stand behind it with a complete 100% money back guarantee! *(Guidelines listed at bottom of page)

What's Included

  • Commitment

    1 Year Option or
    Quarterly (3 month) Option

  • Cost

    2 Options:
    $2,400 1 year in Full or
    $750 every 3 months

Truly an Investment in your health

They say it’s an investment in your health. It very much is, but I’m a person who enjoys a financial investment that has potential for not just physical returns, but financial returns.

See I know doing something for 1 full year can be difficult. This program may be tiresome, may be boring at times, and temptation to try other “PROGRAMS” will be ever present. But hoping from diet-to-diet, or program-to-program, will never lead to the results you seek.

So to keep you invested both physically and mentally I reward all my clients at the end of every quarter with Hard-Green-Cash! (Well not technically, it’s digital)…but literally you get paid for doing your daily tasks. Just think of it like getting an “A” on your report card, so Mom and Dad hand you a Benjamin!

Bonus Contest

What, you want more? Well I can’t blame you. It is always nice to be rewarded for your hard work. So participants who complete the full program, while maintaining the minimum requirements throughout, will also have the opportunity to be submitted as a finalist for Precision Nutrition’s transformation contest.  Twice per year, PN rewards up to $25,000 to Men and Women who’ve worked with a certified PN Coach (which I am) and seen great success.

See Previous Finalists Here: Men / Women

When Would You Start?

Start time is flexible, but I suggest within 5-10 days of signing up.  Once you’ve registered, completed your initial intake form, and are ready to have the best year of your life, we’ll connect and discuss your personal goals and the timeframe in more depth. Giving you a specific roadmap of what to expect.

Not Quite Ready?

That is quite alright. Deciding to finally take control of your eating habits, and change them is a big commitment. But that’s generally what’s required for real, lasting change. Yet I understand we all have two things we must consider when making big decisions: Time and Money.
You might have doubts, and be asking yourself questions like…
  • “Can I really do this?”
  • “What happens if my life drastically changes in 4 months?”
  • “Am I going to just waist more money and more time on another diet plan that I can’t stick to?”
Don’t worry I’ve been where you are. It sounds to good to be true, and I still have doubts. I’ve failed before. I’ve thrown away my money on other “Diet” plans. Why do it again?? If that is you and you are still on the fence or unsure, then get your feet wet with my shorter 8 Week – “Nutrition Jump Start”. I offer this shorter introductory program for those who want to test the waters before cannon-balling right in. 


* Client must complete 80% or more of work. This includes but not limited to items like (“Daily rating/check-in”, Attending Coaching sessions, Engagement through direct messaging weekly, submission of progress trackers – weight, inches, photos)

Hi, I Am Anthony Giordono

I’ve been involved in exercise and sport my whole life. Always involved in basketball, soccer, and baseball. I didn’t discover the gym/weights until I was 16. It grew on me and led to me pursing exercise science at KU (Rock Chalk baby!).

Since that time I have almost a decades worth of personal training, and nutritional coaching under my belt. I have worked with individuals from all walks of life. Men, women, athletes, grandparents, and more.

My approach to training is beyond aesthetics. Yes, it’s nice to be lean and look good in a bathing suit, but that is superficial to me. Helping clients find a passion for working out, eating healthier, and developing a lifestyle that promotes their BEST self is my ultimate goal!




FAVORITE HOBBY(S): Hiking, Golf, Cooking


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