April Newsletter – Hurting? Than listen to your body and treat it

I feel pretty dang lucky..

I’ve made it to 47 with little to no injuries or issues with my body. Given all that I’ve put it under.

  • Pounding the pavement running for 15 years
  • Grueling bootcamp style workouts every Saturday morning
  • Been banging weights in the gym before I had babies

Oh yeah, I have 3 of them. My last little I had at 44 years old.

Wow, I’m going to just stop a moment from writing all this and I’m giving my body a much deserved hug for keeping it together through all my abuse (Long pause…)

It took me sometime, but finally, in my later years I’ve grasped the importance of mobility work, rehab and corrective exercises. Making it priority #1 for myself, and thankfully for my clients.

The form roller has become my new friend. We hang out a minimum of 2x a week and for at least 10-15min. Plus before every workout I do that mobility work I was talking about.

The aches and pains will come. I’ve realized more and more that warm up is just as important as one of my working sets. You ask me if I was pressed for time I would prioritize it. Because how well your body moves, having form and function without pain, will always trump everything else in my opinion. 

But sometimes professional care is required

I’m obsessed with this girl Mcayla from F.I.T. muscle and joint clinic. Let me tell you how I met her. 

So Anthony had been going to this local clinic for some aches and pains he had. They’ve helped him with his wrist, shoulder, knee, and groin. And I’m supposed to be the old broken one right? But he really liked it and kept going back to this place seeing Jim, and McKayla. Shortly later our daughter Lila, went to see McKayla for back pain she was having from cheerleading.

Every time I would tell Anthony about an injury I got from working out he’d tell me. Go see Jim or McKayla…and I secretly kept saying I need to go meet her! Unfortunately, my wish was granted but not the way I wanted.

One day Anthony said, “you’re limping, Ive never seen you do that, It must be bad.” I’ve had this thing with my knee where it’ll pop and give me sharp pain briefly, but then would quickly go away. Well this time the pain didn’t go away. I was feeling pretty frustrated and knew it was time to go in!

Enter into my life McKayla...

Now before I rave about her you should get to know her some. She’s a former Division 1 college basketball player with 7 knee surgeries. She was told she’d never play basketball or even be able to run/jog again. However, her physical therapists turned all that around for and she’s able to run and work out like she never had the surgeries! That is what lead her to become a physical therapist.  McKayla is on a mission is to give that same freedom of movement back to all her patients who feel like pain and restrictions are just part of their lives. 

From my experience she’s been everything and more. First of all, McKayla has an amazing bed side manner. She makes you feel comfortable, and is very thorough. Like she said, her goal is to get you back to doing what you want to do! And that’s exactly what she has done for me.

My 1st Appointment – During her assessment, she recognized an imbalance I had in my hip/upper glute area. My left side was tighter and weaker than the right. This was the origin of the problem, so we worked on it. She kept treatment pretty conservative for our first session. She did some Graston scraping around my knee and calf to break up some angry knots thats were forming.  Plus she also gave me homework, like all good therapist do. Yay! Some stretches and exercises to mobilize and strengthen that area. Getting my body back in balance. 

We had planned two more follow up sessions, and I let her know I was down for whatever and wanted to try it all! I had been hearing about dry needling and cupping and was intrigued. Scared and excited, ha! 

My 2nd Appointment – During our second session she performed the dry needling in my hip. This was to loosen things up by connecting the needles to light voltage and stimulating the muscle to contract to work out the knots. Plus she gave me more homework. This time with an evil green band. After this session my knee was still hurting and giving me trouble while doing everyday things, not to mention exercising. I was kind of bummed hoping I’d be feeling somewhat better.

My 3rd Appointment – The third session was the money maker! She performed dry needling around my knee and def hit some gnarly tight tissue that needed to be released. It sent a zing through my whole body!  I won’t say the dry needling is comfortable. I mean they are sticking a tiny needle into your muscle and then amping up some tolerable vibrations. The cupping happened after that and some range of motion exercises. I was frankly scared to do them because I knew it would hurt. I was shocked that it felt great! I felt immediate pain relief and better range of motion. I was like, “It’s a miracle, you’re amazing!” 

and as humbly as she could, she simply said I’m good at what I do! and then I hugged her!

Taking the Next Step

My clients know how much I rave about her and we are excited to have a partnership with a physical therapist we can trust. Our clients are like family to us and we want you feeling your best. If you are having an issue with muscle or joint pain and not sure where to go, it’s seriously worth your time!

Check out their website at FitMJC.com for the conditions they treat and the services they offer. 

So whether you are working with us in person, or at home with #OTWR, know that injuries will happen. But you don’t have to continually be hindered by them. Get safe and effective care to heal your body so you can get back in action.

We highly recommend you go see the staff at F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic. With locations all around the KC area you can’t miss it

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