Have you ever thought to yourself…”Oh my the weekend is coming. I could really go for some nachos!” ??

Yeah us too!

One of Rachel’s favorite “Cheat Foods” is nachos. I remember learning this early on in our dating years. It’s a key to her heart. So when I presented her with the idea of replacing the nutrient-less chips with cauliflower instead. Well let’s just say the idea wasn’t well received. I mean nobody, and I mean NOBODY messes with Rachel’s nachos.

But after enough nagging, and some gentle persuasion she gave in. Were they as scrumptious and devilishly satisfying as REAL nachos.

NO….But did they hit the spot and curb a craving that would ultimately stall ones health and weight loss goals? That answer is a resounding YES!

So if your in the mood for a cheat meal this weekend (or any day of the week for that matter), but you don’t want to sacrifice all the hard work and discipline you’ve had through the week. Then try this healthy spin on a classic cheat! 

~ Coach Anthony

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