Memorial Day Weekend is here, and that has always meant it’s the beginning of Summer. It also means Grilling Season is here! Now I love to cook, and grilling is probably my favorite. Something about standing over a hot fire and throwing some meat & veggies on to char is pure bliss. That’s what this recipe is…..BLISS in a bowl!

This dish is a little bit more time involved then some, but like I said the grill is a blissful place. So you should allow time to enjoy it. The marinade has a great flavor that gives “boring” chicken some pop. Paired with the grilled veggies…(IMO the best way to prepare veggies). All sitting atop a bed of lite and fluffy Jasmine rice, and some homemade mashed avocado (or guacamole) to top it off.

I remember the first time we made this meal. Rachel, myself, and our 2 older girls sat out on the patio deck at our apartment. Enjoying the cool summer night, listening to some jams on the speakers, and laughing the night away. Everyone left stuffed. And everyone left the table happy!

~ Coach Anthony

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