Benefits of healthy eating…beyond losing weight

Eating healthy is more than just moving the scale...

Recently I had a conversation with a newer client and I just asked how things were going with their new nutrition changes.  I sat patiently as they answered, “I feel great,” … waiting in silence for the inevitable, “BUT.”   They shortly chimed in with a frustrated voice, and a look of discouragement on their face as they mentioned the scale hasn’t really moved. I was just about to put my motivational coaching hat on, but before I could they chimed in with this.

"But I don't care because I've just felt so much more alive. My energy is up, I'm feeling stronger, and just motivated all around!"

I was ecstatic to hear this of course because it was exactly what I hope to hear from all of our clients. See many people are so focused on the scale and what their weight is doing. They get easily discouraged because they put such a large emphasis on weight as the defining factor. What many fail to recognize is that there is so much more value to eating healthy beyond losing weight! 

7 Benefits of a good nutrition plan beyond losing weight

  1. Feeling Full
    This one is a big deal because its why many diets don’t work long term. Why you ask? Because with many diets we are depriving ourselves by reducing calories to much, and in turn eliminate the amount of key nutrients our body is craving. Resulting in sluggish performance, uncontrolled snacking/eating, and never feeling completely satisfied. When you build your plan around nutritious whole foods you can reduce calorie intake, while still obtaining the amount of nutrients, and get satiated without over doing it all at the same time!
  2. Increased Energy
    When you develop a good eating plan with foods high in key nutrients you will notice an almost immediate change in your energy levels. Now your not hitting snooze in the morning. You don’t need that midday coffee (or worse soda) pick-me-up. You don’t go home and plop down on the couch and zone out, but you stay engaged with family, friends, and get more out of your life each day.
  3. Better Sleep
    Quality of sleep is effected big time by our nutrition, and if your not getting good sleep then I assure you that getting your weight off will continue to be a struggle. Wholesome food helps balance out hormones in the body which put the body in a natural rhythm. This helps regulate hormones like serotonin which is converted to Melatonin and promotes sleep in the body.
  4. Clothes are fitting differently
    I am always quick to ask clients about this when they complain about the scale not moving. We coach clients through exercise programs that help burn fat and promote lean muscle mass when they refuel properly. Lean mass is muscle and bone which are denser than fat! Adding this type of mass will change the shape of the body, but not always the scale. It’s better to keep an eye on how your clothes fit. Are they looser in some areas? Or maybe even tighter in some (this can be a good thing too!)

  5. Mood Improves
    When you start a healthy eating plan things like sugar, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners get cut out of your daily diet. These types of foods have been linked to depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. It’s because they play havoc on your body and hormones. Eliminating these foods will balance out your hormones (along with good sleep…see above), and a balanced system is always a happier system.
  6. Gym performance is better
    As you shift your eating to a more nutritious plan don’t be surprised if you start to notice your performance in the gym improving. You may be feeling stronger. Getting winded less easy. Recovering more quickly. All of these physical improvements are signs of physical improvement, and are only going to improve your chances of eliminating that extra weight.
  7. It’s not a diet
    If you listen to us enough you hear us continually say “its a lifestyle”! Well that is exactly what a good nutrition plan is. It’s a lifestyle and not a DIET. You no longer feel deprived, but instead are feeling content. Your not confused on what you CAN or CAN’T eat, but instead are eating only what you want because this is the NEW YOU.
See just because the scale isn’t moving down by 1-2+ lbs. every week doesn’t mean your not having success with your new eating style. I’m sure this isn’t new news to you, but good nutrition is key to any COMPLETE health program. If your not focused on it you now than you should be. Yes, it will help to get that unnecessary weight off, but remember to look for these other benefits happening in your life to know your moving in the right direction!

Til Next time,

Rachel and Anthony

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